Product Safety

Product safety is at the forefront of what we do, it can be overwhelming when starting out and we totally get it! 
We have partnered with many top Australian handmade baby brands to promote product safety and educate on the basics.
It is concerning many Australian silicone bead suppliers have very little understanding of the mandatory requirements, yet choose to supply the market with these high risk items regardless.   
As the largest wholesale silicone bead supplier in Australia and a fully insured business, you can be sure we only sell the highest quality silicone beads, silicone teethers and accessories backed by our 10 years of specific industry experience.
It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the products you make using the silicone beads purchased from us meet the relevent Australian Safety Standards. We can provide you with the right supplies, but what you make using them needs to be safe!
  • Just because you see someone else doing it, doesn’t mean its being done correctly (despite what they may say!)
  • Never market a dummy chain as anything other than that. As soon as you suggest it can be chewed on or attach a teether, it becomes a toy and is subject to the toy standards. A dummy chain will always fail the toy safety standards testing
  • Never market a keyring made with silicone beads as being appropriate for a baby to chew on/play with. It is a choking hazard.
  • Always ensure your products are labelled correctly. Information on mandatory labelling requirements can be found in the standards (link to purchase below).
  • “Car mirror dangles/diffusers” are very popular – please check with your local state or territory government as in most cases it is illegal to have objects hanging from your rear view mirror.
Please also see some helpful links below, including our free downloadable pdf - 
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